What is a Bernedoodle?

A Bernedoodle is a cross between a poodle (any size) and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Why a Bernedoodle?

You get the goofiness, intelligence and clown-like nature of the poodle along with the calm, gentle, loyal nature of the Bernese.  Also, you get the longevity and fewer health issues of the poodle in contrast to the shorter lifespan of the Bernese.  A poodle's lifespan can average 12-15 years whereas the Bernese averages 7-10 years (both depending on genetics (testing and careful breeding.... our parents have been tested for breed specific health issues).  A Bernedoodle is low shedding.. good for people with allergies.  A Bernedoodle is a great companion dog.... they want to be at your side, whether outside chasing a ball, playing in the water, etc. or curled up on the couch beside you. This breed does thrive on human interaction so, if you do not have time for a dog, this may not be the breed for you.  Please do not consider one of our puppies unless you plan for it to be

your lifelong companion and a very spoiled couch potato.

About us

I have been raising Shih Tzu for over twenty years and I love the breed for their adaptability and incredible personality but I have always loved big dogs, too.  For many years, we had a house full of boxers (pets only) and I now have a huge Great Pyrenees, Amos "to protect my little doggies" and a female Bernese Mountain Dog named Maggie.  Our family has always had a variety of dogs and a love of all animals.  My grandson, Dalton, and his wife, Natalie, who live in the farmhouse on our mini farm, have a male Bernese Mountain Dog, Sutton, and, when Natalie suggested we raise Bernedoodles, our interest piqued and we began researching.  I talked it over with my veterinarian (who has a standard poodle of her own) and the idea turned into reality.  My oldest daughter, Kathy, and her husband, Lane, adopted a beautiful chocolate and white standard poodle, Abby, and are spoiling her, along with two of my Shih Tzu rugrats, Pork Chop and Jasmine.  They will be raising the puppies in their home... along with a little help from me and lots of attention and spoiling by all the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids.

Our first litter of baby Bernedoodles has arrived born February 10, 2021.  We are so excited!  Stay tuned for updates and pictures. These are standard size Bernedoodles, weights expected to be 60-80 lb., no guarantees.  Prices to range between $3000- 4000 based on color and markings.  Scroll down for pictures.


***Meet the parents***

Abby (Standard poodle 52 lb.)

 Sutton (Bernese Mountain Dog 110 lb.)

Abby 004.JPG



Abby with Lane and tzuz.jpg


Sutton in grass.jpg



Sutton and Lawson.jpg


Abby 008.JPG


Abby 003.JPG


Sutton Christmas 2020.jpg


Sutton with pool float.jpg


New kid on the block

Rex has recently joined our family.  He is a standard chocolate phantom poodle.  He is tested all clear. Weight 52 lb.  We expect great things from him in the future,  both black tri and phantom as well as chocolate tri and phantom bernedoodles.

Rex comes home with Lane 022721.jpg



Abby and Sutton blessed us with 3 boys and 3 girls.... all tri-colored

Lawson with bernedoodle puppy for web.jp


Puppies one week old

Already being spoiled



Meet the Daisypatch Kids

Abby's puppies all in wagon 5 weeks.jpg
Abby's 3 girls with Lane 5 weeks.jpg
Abby's 2 weeks 016.JPG
Abby #1 3.5 weeks.jpg
Abby's maybe Kena 5 weeks.jpg

#1 Female - "Kena"


Abby's 2 weeks 022.JPG
Abby #2 3.5 weeks.jpg
Elvis 8 weeks.jpg
Abby's Elvis in box 5 weeks.jpg

#2 male  - "Elvis"


Elvis is full of personality, just like his namesake.  He will draw attention anywhere he goes. He has lots of energy and loves to play with his littermates and with us.  He is definitely "the King".

Elvis has gone to his new home and has a new best friend, Tessie, as well as several border collies.  Who knows.. he might just become a herding dog.

Abby's 2 weeks 024.JPG
Abby #3 3.5 weeks.jpg
Abby's Lollipop 5 weeks.jpg

#3 Female - "Lollipop"


Abby's 2 weeks 028.JPG
Abby's Chunky Monkey 8 weeks.jpg
Abby's puppies Elvis and maybe #4 5 week

#4 Male - "Chunky Monkey"


Chunky Monkey is like a big, cuddly teddy bear.  He enjoys playing with his littermates and with us but seems to equally enjoy cuddling in our laps and getting belly rubs.  I think he is going to be the biggest couch potato.

Milo is home with Gabi.jpg

Chunky monkey, aka Milo, has found his new best friend and is getting lots of belly rubs and loving from Gabi

Gabi and Milo

Abby's 2 weeks 037.JPG
Abby #5 3.5 weeks.jpg
Abby's Sailor in Easter basket 5 weeks.j

#5 Female - "Saylor"


Bermuda 8 weeks.jpg
Abby's 2 weeks 038.JPG
Abby #6 3.5 weeks.jpg
Abby's #6 5 weeks.jpg

#6 male - "Bermuda"


Bermuda, so named for the tiny triangle of white on the back of his neck, has a very sweet personality and uses all his charm to coerce his littermates or us to play with him.  How can you say "no" to that cute little face and those eyes?  He is the most playful but also wants to be right by your side wherever you go.  He is the perfect companion puppy.

Puppies have been raised inside our home and accustomed to the sights and sounds of our other dogs, household noises, traffic noises, young children, etc.  We play music for them day and night.  During the day, 80s, 90s, jazz, country, rock, pop.  At night, they hear classical and night sounds, including a severe thunderstorm which did not bother them at all.  All puppies are handled daily, touching every part of their body, including face, mouth, tail, feet, and ears.  They are held on their backs to help them become submissive.  They have had grooming clippers (no blade) run over their entire body so they get used to the sound and feel to prepare them for their first trip to the groomer. Nails have been clipped several times.  They drink from water bowl as well as water bottle.  Puppies will have had their first set of puppy vaccinations, been wormed every 2 weeks and been checked by our veterinarian and also micro chipped before leaving for their forever homes.  They come with a written health guarantee.  Each puppy has been dna tested and paperwork will be supplied along with their health record.  Each puppy will go to its new home with a personalized tote bag (with its picture).  Included is a folder with pertinent information and CKC puppy registration, a book on Bernedoodles, blanket with momma's scent, toys, sample of the food they are eating, puppy shampoo, comb, brush, collar and leash. 

We are now taking and reviewing applications for the above puppies. No deposits will be accepted unless your application has been approved.  If your application is approved, we will notify you via email.  Deposits are NON-refundable. Deposits are not taken until you have chosen your puppy at approximately 4-6 weeks of age so that we have some idea of size and temperament of each puppy.  Deposits only refundable due to illness or death of puppy prior to you receiving puppy.  This is a life time commitment so please consider this carefully before making a deposit to hold a puppy.  As a breeder, we recognize that unexpected, unfortunate events can happen and, should you at any point not be able to care for this puppy/dog, we reserve the right to take said puppy/dog back and find a suitable home for it.  Note that there will be no refund of purchase price should this happen.  We just want to assure that none of our puppies ever end up in a shelter or worse.

Breeder reserves right to keep back pick of the litter.

Copy and paste application to my email @ daisypatchgail.com



Street address:________________________________

City and State:________________________________

How did you hear about Daisypatch?__________________

Do you or have you had other dogs/what kind?___________


Why have you chosen a Bernedoodle?_________________

Do you have a preference for male or female/why?_________


Tell me about you and your family members (who live with you and who might often visit/ages and life style):____________



Do you have other pets?  If so, tell me about them:_________


If you have other dogs, are they spayed or neutered?________

Where will puppy be kept and who will be caring for puppy?__


Do you work outside the home and, if so, how will you be caring for the puppy's needs? ___________________________


Do you have a fenced in yard (not required)?_____________


How many dogs/cats have you owned in the past 5 years?____


Have you ever surrendered a pet back to a breeder, animal shelter, rescue, or given away to an individual?_________________


Are you aware of the grooming and vet requirements for this breed?  Are you able to pay for routine as well as any emergency that may arise?________________________________

Have you done your research on this breed?______________



Other comments/things you would like us to know about yourself/your family:_____________________________


Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  We will probably be asking you more questions as we process applications.  We want only the best forever homes for our babies and want the best "fit" for each puppy/family.