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What You'll Get

All puppies come bathed and groomed, with puppy care kit including a personalized tote bag with your puppy's picture, blanket, sample of puppy food, health record, toys, harness and leash, shampoo, and assortment of grooming supplies.


Puppies will not be placed in new homes until the age of at least 10 weeks, have had their puppy shots and health check-up by my vet.  


A Non-refundable deposit ($100) is required to hold a puppy until it is ready to leave for its new home. Please be sure that you are ready for this lifetime commitment and responsibility of caring for this new family member before you send a deposit. A Shih Tzu can live for 15 years or more.

I accept cash, postal money order or Paypal. No personal checks.   

Puppies available to pet homes only.

Limited AKC registration

No breeders, please.

If you are interested in adopting a puppy, please COMPLETE THE APPLICATION, copy and paste into an email to me at Please note: If you have previously adopted a DaisyPatch puppy, you do not need to fill out the application.. Just contact me.


I must receive your application before you will be considered to adopt a puppy. Available puppies will be placed with those on my waiting list first. Just because you are not first on my list does not mean you will not get a puppy from a current litter. I may not have the exact gender, color or size puppy that someone wants and you may be bumped up.  


Contact Us
with application

Available puppies

Available Shih Poo Puppies

We were so pleased with the mix of the Bernese Mountain Dog and Standard Poodle, creating the Bernedoodle, that we decided to try something else new! We are pleased to introduce you to the Daisy Patch Shih Poo! These puppies are from a Daisy Patch Shih Tzu female and the newest member of our family, a male, Toy Poodle.

Sassy's 3 weeks.... Emmie's 1st groom 00
Max _edited.jpg

Female #1 Available   $1,000


Available. $800


Male #3 Available  $800

Heading 1


Snuggles 1st haircut 023.JPG



Snuggles and Finnian Born August 25, 2023

These puppies should be in the 8 - 10 lb. range mature weight

#1 has found his new home.

#2 is at home with 4 other
Daisypatch shih tzu

#3 has found his new home with
Jonathan and Carol Anne


#4 has found her new home

Heading 1




Arabella and Finnian
had 3 boys born March 27, 2023

Bella's #1 Is Going to live with Whitney & Her Family

Bella's puppy #1 (mostly white) 2023.jpg

Bella's #1 Male

Bella's #1 Male

Bella's #1 Male

Bella's #2 Male Is Going to Live with Kim

Bella's puppy #2 2023 (Full Saddle).jpg

Bella's #2 Male

Bella's #2 puppy 2023.jpg

Bella's #2 Male

Bella's #2 Male

Bella's #3 Male is Sold

Bella's #3 puppy 2023 (smaller brown saddle).jpg

Bella's #3 Male

Bella's #3 puppy 2023 .jpg

Bella's #3 Male

Bella's #3 puppy 2023 (male).jpg

Bella's #3 Male

Sassy's 3 weeks.... Emmie's 1st groom 00

Emmie and Finnian

Emmie's 6 weeks 002.JPG
Emmie's 6 weeks 013.JPG
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